Confidence coaching for Personal, Business & Performance Success – Understanding mind-set is key

Are things getting on top of you at the moment? If so, do you feel the need to talk it through with someone? Is it time to get things off your chest? Modern living can get pretty complicated, and most of us men can suffer from periods of stress, anxiety or frustration, anger and confusion from time to time. I have established a very powerful and successful Coaching programme for men. Based on the reasoning that we men can often fear asking for help or talking about our problems and concerns because we might be met with the response ‘stop whining and be a man’. We have therefore learned to suppress our feelings and keep our thoughts to ourselves, which can do us more harm than good in the long run. The aim of Coaching sessions with me is for you to feel less stress, less anxiety, have a clearer mind and to find better feeling thoughts so that you can be at your best in Life, Business & Performance.

What’s your problem?

I have successfully helped many men with all sorts of issues including : Stress, anxiety, trauma, anger, phobias, relationship issues, confidence & self-esteem issues, sports performance, headaches & loss of life purpose and direction. I know, being a man myself, that we ‘just get on with it’ or ‘tough it out’ or change the subject or live in denial or keep a stiff upper lip…suffering in silence and sometimes crying inside! The Coaching programmes that I provide incorporates, fast and effective techniques and strategies to help you to re-programme new behaviours and attitudes and eliminate negative and toxic behaviour. I have a Coach myself – it works for me!

What does a Therapy Session involve?

This powerful programme works for most men (in fact 95% of men have stated a marked improvement in how they feel after just one session) regardless of race, creed, age, sexual orientation or whatever. My aim, and the aim of the ’Big Boys Don’t Cry’ programme, is to help you to feel better, quickly, and effectively and for the improvements to be lasting.

Me as your Coach

  • I will act as a sounding board to allow you to get things off your chest because I know that strong emotions are great fuel for your goals
  • I will work in a climate of trust, open-ness & honesty
  • Iwill always believe in you
  • I will constantly remind you how powerful you are
  • I will offer constructive feed-back & check what you mean to ensure that we are on the same page
  • I will encourage you to find & explore your options
  • I will acknowledge your achievements, the small steps as well as the big ones
  • I will support & serve you in identifying and achieving your goals
  • I will support you to reach your full potential by helping you to take on a mission that scares you
  • Our meetings will remain totally confidential
  • I will teach you how to consistently perform at the top of your game

I understand that we the modern-day men need a flexible approach to helping, and that we not averse to seeking relevant help when we need it, we just don’t often know where to find it. You have now found the help that you were looking for!

If you need medication see your doctor; if you need therapy get a good counsellor or psychiatrist; If you want to create a wonderful life for yourself & truly understand how your mind works, let’s work together.

Ring for a consultation in the form of a  chat on 0151 284 0893. or email me at

Everton Brown You have now found the help that you were looking for! Are you ready to move on to the next level?

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