Detoxing & Achieving perfect health

Achieving perfect health
Getting yourself feeling better or attempting to lose weight without utilising these points into your lifestyle may be a moot point. It is important to create the right bodily environment for you to thrive in. Here is a list of 6 components that I have found to be essential foundation blocks to achieving good health.

1. Oxygen or oxygenation of your system is the primary key that allows all of your cells the capacity to build themselves in the way that they need to be built. Your body needs oxygen.
This can be achieved by deep breathing exercises, going for walks in the fresh air, yogic practice, restful meditation, deep regular breathing, relaxation – so you are not ’panic breathing’ or panting in short ineffective breaths.

2. Correct hydration of your system. Ironically most of us drink things that de-hydrate us! Many ailments in your body are nothing more than symptoms of dehydration. Not enough water in our cells can cause short circuits and cause them to cease to function properly. Also not enough water in the body will not allow your system to flush out toxins, which can lead to many forms of build up, which can cause the immune system amongst other systems to become less effective that leaves the door open for organisms to create disease in your system. Have a go at drinking between 1 and 2.5 litres of water a day, every individual is different.
When your are actually feeling thirsty that is your body’s final signal that you do not have enough water. If you are properly hydrated you will never be thirsty, so, thirst is a good indicator of your water levels.

3. Exercise. Movement allows the muscles to act as pumps to pump the water around the body flushing out the toxins.
Exercise allows strengthening of the skeleton and muscles.
Exercise uses the minerals that are taken in via food or supplementation and allows them to act as building blocks, nutritionally.
*Exercise/movement allows energy to flow through the body rather than allowing it to sit around and build up in your body. The energy in your body must flow or it will convert itself into mass or better said, cause you to put on weight.

4. Reduction of stress in your system. Many of the symptoms that we attribute to the beginning of illness/ailments are side-effects to the undue stress in our lives. It is recommended that you find any way possible to reduce the amount of stress in your life.

5. Detoxing – removing toxins from your system. There are many methods of removing toxins from the body, to allow you to be cleansed from the build up that has occurred over time. And to allow yourself to remove many kinds of heavy metal poisoning, pesticides etc from foodstuffs. Removal of toxins is very important. My Deep Lymphatic Massage is an excellent way to kick-start any detox programme that you may choose.

6. Lightening up your diet – hormone imbalances and toxic substances have been added to a lot of our foodstuff. Lightening up your diet, will at the least assist your body, by ingesting more foods that have a higher amount of water such as vegetables, that are mostly water, like our body’s. Organic and as fresh as possible will assist in lightening up your energy and cleansing your system.
The more natural your food is, the more capable your body will be of delivering the nutrients that you need and energising your system so that you actually need less food.

So, these things will work hand in hand; as you detox your system; give it oxygen, give it water, reduce the stress, exercise your body and lighten up your diet, you will be able to be more receptive to the nutrients that are there in your natural foods. As you feed it more naturally you will find that you are more energised and you will require less food.

These are simply the foundations of health – recognise that these are simple things that can be easily added to your lifestyle.

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