Liverpool Life Coaching with NLP


Life Coaching with NLP

Helping you to move towards a compelling future.

I created this Coaching Program which uses NLP procedures and techniques to support you to create learning about yourself and self-development in a way that benefits you.

My intention is for you to achieve positive results in a relatively short period of time. My goal is to make the best and most effective Coaching solutions available to you in one-to-one sessions.

If you always do what you have always done, you’ll always get what you have always got, your results will not change. If you want things to change for the better you need think and behave in a new, beneficial way.

Coaching will help you to create new choices. The more choices that you have, the more chances of success.

Common benefits experienced with coaching and NLP include:
Improved sense of direction & focus
Increased knowledge of self/self-awareness
Improved ability to relate to and influence others
Increased motivation

Improved personal effectiveness, e.g. focussed effort

Increased resourcefulness/resilience, e.g. ability to handle change

The Life Coaching with NLP sessions
I customize the sessions to fit your individual needs and formulate with you, a plan of action, and work within the framework of these 10 common elements:

Becoming unstuck – that is releasing clutter (mental and physical,) procrastination or other impediments to starting or completing tasks or reaching goals

Manifesting abundance – creating and allowing prosperity while working toward the life of your dreams through clear, well-written goals.

Eliminating emotional baggage – from negative childhood events and programming, to all of life’s heartaches, betrayals, traumas and disappointments

Letting go of anger, resentment and frustration – past and present

Cleaning up past or current relationships – start, fix or re-evaluate relationships of all kinds; parent/child, spouse/significant other, employer/employee, co-workers, friends, siblings, in-laws, etc.
Eliminating obstacles that hold you back – most common are negative self-talk, limiting beliefs, mental blocks, doubts and fears

Improving career or financial status – find an ideal career or fix an existing one, become financially stable, improve security and balance.

Releasing weight or improving your health or physical well-being – enhance exercise, sleep or eating habits

Building unshakable confidence and self-worth – improve clarity, focus and trust in yourself.

Forgiving yourself and making peace with your past mistakes or bad decisions – You’ll learn to embrace total self-love and acceptance, becoming kind, gentle and honest with yourself




 – £50.00 per session (1 hour) 



 How might coaching and NLP benefit you?

The following questions will help you to begin to form goals for a coaching relationship. They are not intended to identify specifics, but rather encourage thoughts or ideas.
Please take a few minutes to sit quietly with the questions, writing down your answers on a blank sheet of paper.

1. What current goals (if any) do you have relating to the following areas:
-Your work, e.g.
– Personal performance/effectiveness
– Career development, progression
– Ability to lead/manage others
– Motivation, fulfilment
-Your lifestyle, e.g.
– Work/life balance
– Social life
– Hobbies/interests
-Your relationships with others, e.g.
– Your partner
– Your immediate family
– Your friends
-Your learning/development, e.g.
– Life experiences
– Formal training/development
-Your sense of contribution
– At work
– At home
– In your community
-Your health/well-being
– Health
– Nutrition & eating patterns
– Fitness, exercise, relaxation etc.

2. Thinking about your current circumstances
– What would you like to do less of?
– What would you like to do more of?

3. What would you most like to change if you could?

4. What’s going really well for you right now and you’d like to build on that? e.g. do
more of it, or make it even better.

5. In what ways do you currently obtain learning?
– By experience, i.e. doing things
– Formal study, e.g. taking qualifications
– Through observation of others
– Reading, listening to audiotapes, etc.
– Structured training, i.e. courses
– Mentoring or coaching relationships, e.g. discussion, feedback




 – £50.00 per session (1 hour) 



*You need be 100% committed to your own personal growth, success and transformation.

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