Therapy For Men

Are things getting on top of you at the moment? If so, do you feel the need to talk it through with someone? Is it time to get things off your chest? Modern living can get pretty complicated, and most of us men can suffer from periods of stress, anxiety or frustration, anger and confusion from time to time. I have established a very powerful and successful programme of Therapy for men, that I have called Big Boys Don’t Cry! Based on the reasoning that we men can often fear asking for help or talking about our problems and concerns because we might be met with the response ‘stop whining and be a man’. We have therefore learned to suppress our feelings, which can do us more harm than good in the long run. The aim of the sessions is for you to feel less stress, less anxiety and to find better feeling thoughts about your issues of concern.

What’s your problem?

I have successfully helped many men with all sorts of issues including : Stress, anxiety, trauma, anger, phobias, relationship issues, confidence & self-esteem issues, sports performance, headaches & loss of life purpose and direction. I know, being a man myself, that we ‘just get on with it’ or ‘tough it out’ or change the subject or live in denial or keep a stiff upper lip…suffering in silence and sometimes crying inside! The ‘Big Boys Don’t Cry ‘ programme incorporates, fast and effective techniques and instructions to help you to re-programme new behaviours and attitudes and eliminate negative and toxic feelings. I have used this system myself – it worked for me!

What does a Therapy Session involve?

Each session will include one or a combination or all of the following therapy techniques;

(Neuro-linguistic Programming) – a favourite of Hypnotist Paul McKenna, helps to re-programme new positive behaviours and attitudes into your brain.
EFT (Emotional Freedom Technique)
– a favourite of mine, helps to eliminate negative and toxic emotions and feelings.
Life Coaching
– to help you to get an action plan together.
– to give you the opportunity to talk things through without being judged.

This powerful programme works for most men (in fact 95% of men have stated a marked improvement in how they feel after just one session) regardless of race, creed, age, sexual orientation or whatever. My aim, and the aim of the ’Big Boys Don’t Cry’ programme, is to help you to feel better, quickly, and effectively and for the improvements to be lasting.

My pledge to you

  • I will act as a sounding board to allow you to get things off your chest
  • I will work in a climate of trust, open-ness & honesty
  • I will actively listen to you at all times
  • I will offer constructive feed-back & check what you mean to ensure that I understand you
  • I will encourage you to explore your options
  • I will acknowledge your achievements, the small steps as well as the big ones
  • I will help you to understanding your own needs
  • I will help you to set goals
  • I will support you to reach your full potential
  • I will maintain a non-judgmental attitude
  • Our meetings will remain totally confidential

I understand that the modern-day man needs a flexible approach to helping, and that we not averse to seeking relevant help when we need it, we just don’t often know where to find it. You have now found the help that you were looking for! Are you ready to move on? Is sorting yourself out a good idea?

Cost of a session at my office ( one hour) – £50

Cost of a session at your home (one hour) – £60 plus travel allowance

Ring for a free 15 minute consultation or a chat on 0151 284 0893.


I had severe panic attacks over many things, but came to see you mainly about my driving anxiety, more specifically the dread I got with driving on motorways. I had tried everything…: Thank you from the bottom of my heart for the very powerful session last week. I deeply appreciated your warm and professional approach. The speed and effectiveness of the process was so energizing that I felt a glow throughout my body for hours after. This morning I took myself for a “test drive” (literally) and I did not get palpitations, panic or sense any anxiety as I drove to the Trafford Centre from Liverpool and back via the M62! Thank you.” Billy B (Liverpool).
I had a major fear of public speaking which was becoming unbearable as the weeks and days were getting closer to me giving a Best man’s speech, at my best mates wedding. Thank you, Mr. Brown! The session and the results were amazing. On the big day, I was very relaxed and had a lot of fun doing it, I even cracked some jokes. It was great hearing people laughing with me and not at me. Cheers, Gary P (Chester)
I came to you to help me sleep at night, for stress relief, and to relax before difficult sales meetings. It was worth the money just for those issues. But it worked on other things as they come up in the 3 sessions we had. It really does work! FS (Crosby)
As someone with low self-esteem and zero confidence I’m just amazed at how grounded and sure of myself I am today. Honestly, I feel like a different person. PL (Norris Green)
As you know, my relationship with my wife was breaking up when I came to you. I didn’t think there was any hope for our marriage, but was willing to try anything. I’ve had counselling before, so I wasn’t very optimistic. But after working through tons of anger, resentment and frustration issues, I began to see real solutions to our problems.. .which we, my wife and I are working through, slowly but surely. The sessions seemed odd at first but I quickly got into it. The results are absolutely amazing. Thank you, Bob H (Warrington)
I would like to take this opportunity to thank you for the help you have given me with my flying anxiety I have always had a fear of flying and the thought of it made me feel ill and very anxious. I was able to avoid flying until I was invited to my sisters wedding in Vegas last year. I hated the take-off, I hated the landing and I wasn’t comfortable with anything in between either. I cannot believe the difference I felt on that flight which was about 1 week after just one consultation with you. It was not until 2 hours into a the flight that I realized I had no anxiety or ill feelings at all. The difference was just amazing! Mr. N (Maghull)
I was really pleased with the way things went in Amsterdam for the Stag weekend with my mates. I had a boss time and I felt a lot more comfortable than I thought I might have been. I had comments from some of the lads about how good it was to see me so relaxed. It is a good indication of the progress I have made. RS (Formby)
When I first came for sessions with you for my anger problems I was sceptical that much, if anything, would come of it, but you had been recommended to me by a friend. By the time I had finished my third session I was amazed at the difference in myself and my attitude. I felt calm, in control, and able to deal with life’s ups and downs in a constructive way. I cannot recommend these sessions and Everton Brown highly enough. PC (Southport)
After a break in education of many years, I recently returned to university to complete a Masters Degree. I found my concentration levels to be very low, both in lectures and home studying and was worried sick that I was getting behind in my studies. I went to see Everton Brown with some reservations but can honestly say that since my sessions with him I have been able to focus at a level of which I had never previously found possible, even in my undergraduate degree. CM (West Derby)


A couple of months ago I saw a guy in his 30’s who was suffering from “love pain.” He found out that his girlfriend was having an affair with his best mate behind his back. This devastated him and he could feel the hurt as an actual pain in his heart. When I asked about his feelings he said he had strong feelings of anger, jealousy, betrayal and wanted revenge on them both. When I saw him, he had difficulty speaking about this issue without tears. He said many times that he wanted his girlfriend back badly but also said that he didn’t want her back as she was now tainted goods. He was confused. About his former best mate, he said that he had seen, but avoided making a scene. As we started the Big Boys Don’t Cry programme he said that when he thought about them he could feel ‘a heaviness, like a pressure on his chest’. As we continued he said that the ‘heaviness’ had gone but now he could feel a knot in his chest that was making it difficult for him to swallow. So we continued with the session and suddenly he said, “It’s gone” and smiled. I asked “What is gone?” And he said: “Everything, the lump is gone and my head feels clear”. I asked: ” Clear in a negative or positive way?” He answered: “Positive, my head is free now” and laughed. Then he said: “Oh my God, what did you do to me? Only a minute ago I was crying and wanting her back, now I am laughing and I’m thinking that I can easily live without her! I don’t need her if she doesn’t want me. I hated my mate,  now I am feeling indifferent towards him! I hope they’re happy together. What’s happening? It’s amazing!” He was full with joy, and said he felt relieved. His face immediately showed the change. He seemed five years younger than five minutes before. Then he told me that he feared that the feeling of relief was too good to last, and that maybe tomorrow he would wake up with that sadness again. We worked on this fear also. I was really surprised and amazed at this result. We had worked, for 50 minutes, on only a couple of physical feelings and all that big emotional distress vanished with them, in a second, like pushing a button! This Big Boys Don’t Cry programme never ceases to amaze me. Everton Brown You have now found the help that you were looking for! Are you ready to move on? Is sorting yourself out a good idea?

Cost of a session at my office ( one hour) – £50

Cost of a session at your home (one hour) – £60 plus travel allowance

 Ring for a free 15 minute consultation

or a chat on 0151 284 0893.